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Social Involvement – PD Me Australia



Social Involvement

Giving back to our community is important to us. 

I loan because…

I can. Simple.

Opportunities for success should not be limited by income or location. Who knows how many life-changing concepts or inventions we’ve missed already because someone hasn’t had the means to develop their idea.

Support the little people so their ideas can become big. Why wouldn’t I loan?

Oh, and PDme will match dollar for dollar any donation made through our website to Kiva.

Turn $25 into $50 and make that difference bigger!




We support because…

St Luke's Innovative Resources provides resources and training in strengths-based approaches to practice. Their card sets, books and other resources help stimulate deep conversations, teach vital social skills, promote self-reflection and empower students (and adults) in their decision making. At PDme, we've been using their resources in our classroom for years now and know how valuable they are as a teaching tool. We want to be able to show out support so that St Luke's Innovative Resourcescan continue to create and develop these teaching tools.

Oh, and PDme will match dollar for dollar any donation made through our website to St Luke's Innovative Resources. Turn $25 into $50 and make that difference bigger!

Who are St Luke's Innovative Resources?

"Welcome to St Luke’s Innovative Resources. For over 20 years we have been the home of the original and the best strengths-based, conversation-building resources!

Our card sets, stickers, books and picture books are used to enrich conversations about the important stuff in life—feelings, hopes, strengths, relationships, values, stories and goals.

Our card sets are sold internationally and are known for their originality, practice wisdom and striking visual styles. They have found their way into boardrooms, kitchens, jails, classrooms, school camps, conferences, job interviews, hospitals, meetings, research papers, workshops, university courses, family dinners, community houses, celebrations, big business planning days and team building events.

Through innovation, collaboration and research,  St Luke’s Innovative Resources creates materials and delivers training to help empower people to make choices and take action.

St Luke’s Innovative Resources is a highly-respected publisher, operating as a social enterprise. Profits generated are used for social purpose to further the work of Anglicare Victoria.

St Luke’s Innovative Resources is committed to advancing best practices across all areas of human services work, and developing tools and resources to enhance service delivery."