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Membership – PD Me Australia




Just give it a try. What have you got to lose

Memberships available for all educators

Join hundreds of other educators and gain access to a database of local, national and online professional development opportunities. Just give it a try. What have you got to lose (Hint: not your weekends anymore!!!)?

…but it’s so expensive!

  • A membership costs less than a cup of coffee a week. Could you go without your quarter strength soy chai in a mug?
  • Your mental health and time are priceless.
  • Unlimited access to our database of online and face-to-face PD for the year. 
  • Chuck it in your tax return.
  • We support Aussie business. Designed/made/eaten/created right here in Australia.
  • Would you invest 25 cents a day in the students who need you the most?
  • You are worth it. Invest in yourself!
  • We match any donation to Kiva or St Luke's Innovative Resources made through our website. As if it’s even a decision now!


Check out our options below:

  • Individual
  • $85
    per year
  • Open to all individuals that have met their tertiary/post-secondary institutions course specifications and are now holders of relevant teaching qualifications.
  • Retired / Relief Membership
  • $65
    per year
  • Open to persons who are remunerated for less than 2.5 days per week.
  • Student
  • $45
    per year
  • Open to students who are currently enrolled in post-secondary institutions in any area related to education.
  • Group
  • $350
    per year
  • Up to 5 persons to receive member benefits at any one time.


*Qualifications must be supplied to qualify for a Student or Graduate Membership.