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An important feature of PDme is the content linkage to the Australian Curriculum, which not only includes reference to the Learning Areas but also the General Capabilities and Student Diversity. The relevant PD will be organised beneath these headings.

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Delivered by: Swinburne / Open Universities

Date: Ongoing

Format: Online

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Whether you realise it or not, you negotiate and resolve conflict every day. This course introduces you to a way of thinking about Negotiation and Conflict Resolution that will give you renewed confidence.

This course provides you with an introduction to negotiation and conflict resolution from both an academic perspective and also from a practical or ‘skills’ based perspective. There are discussion boards which give you an opportunity to delve deeper into the issues with other people taking the course and also assessment items for you to undertake to help you recall key points along the way and to reinforce the learning. You will also receive some practical tips – negotiation ‘do’s and don’ts’, so you can continue to build on your skills in negotiation and conflict resolution after the course is complete.

Delivered by: Swinburne / Open Universities

Date: Ongoing

Format: Online

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Leadership; Identity, Influence and Power, examine the recent research in social psychology and business to provide you with the practical guidelines and actions that will help you develop and sustain your leadership.

Delivered by: St Luke's Innovative Resources / Anglicare

Date: Wednesday 20th March 2019

Format: Face to face

Location: Bendigo (VIC)

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Everyone has strengths. Our qualities, capacities, relationships, values, stories, experiences, skills and material resources can all be strengths.

But ‘The Problem’ can easily be experienced as all-consuming, keeping clients and services alike stuck and creating barriers to change. Strengths-based practice focusses squarely on identifying, mobilising and celebrating clients’ strengths.

Social workers, counsellors, managers, educators—and anyone who works with others—can become a catalyst for building cultures where strengths and connectedness flourish, so that clients build resilience, capacity for lasting change and genuine ‘agency’ in their own lives. This highly engaging and practical training facilitates participants’ learning of strengths-based principles, skills and resources that can be applied immediately in their work.

Delivered by: Australian Council for Educational Leaders


  1. Monday 4th March 2019
  2. Monday 11th March 2019
  3. Friday 15th March 2019
  4. Wednesday 20th March 2019
  5. Friday 22nd March 2019
  6. Tuesday 5th March 2019
  7. Wednesday 13th March 2019
  8. Monday 18th March 2019

Format: Face to face


  1. Brisbane (QLD)
  2. Sydney (NSW)
  3. Bunbury (WA)
  4. Hobart (Tas)
  5. Canberra (ACT)
  6. Melbourne (VIC)
  7. Darwin (NT)
  8. Adelaide (SA)

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Collaboration is the new chorus line of educational improvement. Whether teachers should collaborate is no longer an issue. Any profession worthy of its name depends upon people sharing their knowledge and expertise. The key question now is what are better and worse ways to collaborate? How do we design collaboration? What do we know about the relative merits of professional learning communities, lesson study, data teams, or school networks, for example? And how do we take promising designs from one place and use them effectively in another?

In this workshop, based on his upcoming book due out in May, Andy Hargreaves doesn’t only inspire us to collaborate. Drawing on his research on different ways of collaborating in five countries, he shows us how to collaborate effectively with depth, focus, boldness and purpose.

In this highly interactive workshop, participants, from teacher teams to system leaders will use many different engaging learning styles to understand and practically apply the material before them so they build cultures of collaborative professionalism that are more collaborative, relational and trusting; and also more professional, challenging and precise.

Delivered by: Solution Tree Australia 

Date: Friday 5th April 2019

Format: Face to face

Location: Darwin-NT

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The Professional Learning Communities at Work™ process is supported by research and endorsed by educational organisations at all levels as our best hope for sustained, substantive improvement. But how do effective schools move their PLC efforts from emerging to excelling?

Colin Sloper and Gavin Grift, who recently revised the foundational and best-selling PLC book Learning by Doing for Australian educators, will show you how. They outline the three big ideas that drive PLCs, offer practical strategies for bringing these ideas to life and share the collective learning from PLCs throughout Australia that are having a profound impact on student and adult learning.

Delivered by: Leanne Zikios, founder of Teachers Retreats 

Format: Face to Face

Date: Sunday 7th-Saturday 13th July, 2019

Location: Bali, Indonesia

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Each retreat includes up to 8 hours of Professional Development (PD), allowing you to use your tax deductuble trip to widen your knowledge and grow your career. Our nex retreat in July will focus on Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). You will learn more about ASD, what is can look like in the classroom, what teachers can do yo help these students who have not been disnosed or funded, and how to communicate with parents about ASD. These sessions will be presented by Sim Dhaliwal (Speech Pathologist). 


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