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About PDMe – PD Me Australia



About PDMe

Our difference, our why and the light bulb moment

The PDme Difference

PDme was born out of the belief that none of us need to do this alone. It doesn’t matter if you’re a graduate, an early career educator, or a teaching veteran - we’re here to help. Our professional learning conferences, events, webinars, and workshops are tailored in accordance with the AITSL Professional Standards for Teachers, enabling us to connect and inspire regardless of your career stage. We’re a little team with big dreams, and we’re beyond passionate about giving you the professional support you deserve.


Our Motivation

Feeling like you really need to lie down? Go on a holiday to the Caribbean? Drink copious amounts of tea? Or, perhaps, something a little bit stronger? It’s no secret that teaching can be exhausting. All that time spent researching and planning outside of school hours is like a one-way ticket to Burn Out Town. That’s precisely what PDme wants to change. We’re going to recalibrate that topsy-turvy work-life balance of yours, and give you back your time. Some of our team have taught for three years, while others have decades behind them, but what connects us all is the need for a simpler, easier way.

PDme is an online home where educators can find professional development that meets their needs without fuss or hassle. No more hours spent scrolling on Google! PDme won’t just invigorate you with ideas and action plans, it will give you a support network of like-minded educators.


A message from the PDme Founder and Director 

The first years of my teaching career were spent working at a school in rural Victoria. It was a fantastic school with supportive and encouraging staff, but due to the small student population- there were 65 students from prep to grade six - there was quite a considerable workload for the six full-time teachers. Inevitably, this meant that a large portion of my planning was done on weekends. Because relief staff were difficult to source, it also meant attendance at PD either was either limited or had to be on weekends. It wasn’t long before the stress built up and my mental health suffered. 

“More recently, I accepted a short-term teaching contract in Alice Springs and also undertook CRT at two schools in Darwin. After discovering some of my students had traumatic backgrounds, I sought out PD opportunities to give them the best education experience possible. Only, there were none. None at all. Not even a seven-hour search on Google gave me the information and resources I needed for these higher-need students. I felt so helpless and frustrated; how can we expect to nurture and educate our most vulnerable when teachers don’t have the adequate support to do so? I don't want to ever be in that position again. And, if I can help it, my fellow teachers and their students won’t have to be either.”

- Lillian Smith, founder and director of PDme