About PDMe

Our difference, our why and the light bulb moment

The PDme Difference
We’re here to help. Whether you’re a graduate, early career educator or been in the trenches for a while, we want to make sure you get the professional support you need. We’ve got a whole range of professional learning conferences, events, webinars and workshops available for you. We link it with the Knowledge, Practice and Engagement elements of the AITSL Professional Standards for Teachers regardless of your career stage. We are a little group with BIG dreams and we’re ready to go!

Our Motivation
You, wherever you teach, are doing such a great job and need to be thanked. When was the last time you took a step back and acknowledged your achievements? Some of us at PDme have taught for three years while others are long-time education veterans, but what is common for all of us is that we know how much time teachers spend researching and planning outside of school hours to best engage their learners, which often results in burnout and an unhealthy work-life balance. PDme wants to change this. We want to give you back your time. PDme is a one-stop shop; a centralised database where us educators can QUICKLY find professional development that meets our needs. Online or face to face events, conferences, and seminars. We don’t need to spend hours (often on our weekends) trawling Google for PD. PDme has put it all in one place.

Lightbulb moment!
The idea behind PDme was developed after our Director/CEO/Big Boss/Top Dog combined teaching and traveling during a trip around Australia. After teaching in a few different states, she was SHOCKED at the way regional and remote educators were missing out on professional development. In some instances, face-to-face sessions were never an option because nothing was available in the remote location, relief teachers couldn’t be found or the school wasn’t willing to come to the party for travel and accommodation.

The lack of support some teachers experience is disheartening. Educators shouldn’t have to continuously sacrifice their time by attending PD on weekends or in the holidays. Enough is enough. No more Googling for PD. No more sacrificed weekends. No more missing out.