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and Torres Strait Islander histories and culture.

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PDme is a small Australian business focused on assisting regional and remote teachers to have the same access to professional development that their metropolitan counterparts have. Our website,, includes a database of professional learning events and seminars available across Australia, helping link educators to professional development near them.

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Delivered by: Swinburne / Open Universities

Date: Ongoing

Format: Online

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In this course we build the distinctive stories of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in Australia and Māori people in Aotearoa New Zealand over four modules. Our aim is to provide you with an understanding of our past and present realities.

Teach Indigenous Land Management Using Fire

Delivered by: Teacher Training Australia

Date: Ongoing

Format: Online

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In this course, you will discover how John, an Aboriginal land manager, uses fire techniques to Care for Country. John works with scientists and farmers to reduce the impact of bushfires and protect communities. You will learn:

- How to use John’s story to teach land management in Year 8-10 Geography.
- How to teach Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures.
- How to access a range of lessons that will engage your students.
- How to make learning relevant by connecting to land management in your local area.

Delivered by: Museums Galleries Australia

Date: Monday 13th-Friday 17th May 2019

Format: Face to face.

Location: Alice Springs (NT)

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Combining elements of our most recent conferences that focused on Museums and Galleries in their Cultural Landscapes (Brisbane 2017) and Museums and Galleries as Agents of Change (Melbourne 2018), in 2019 we travel to the geographical centre of the nation to tackle some of the biggest thematic areas that occupy much of our national conversation. Museums and Galleries are situated at the very centre of that conversation in relation to our place within our communities and the way we are deeply implicated in both a local and national understanding of Australia’s past, present and shared future.


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